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Posted by on 23 July 2019 | 2 Comments
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Recently I came across a file which I'd saved some time ago - a list of flowers for each month. Depending on which country you are in, these may vary slightly.

Being July I discovered that the flower is either Larkspur or Water Lily, neither flower I have made in my block collection, however, I have made a Water Lily quilt before.

I love the shape of lily pads - they are quite unusual so today I've decided to make a new Water Lily Flower block. 

I started my block design with a few lily pads scattered around and then placed a flower off center. For such a small area one flower is sufficient. I decided to make a pink flower so selected a range of pink fabrics from my stash. The trick is to get colors that complement themselves but also create enough contrast so I needed a range of light to dark pinks.

pink fabrics

A selection of pinks fabrics

There are 28 pieces to this flower which can all be cut separately as shown below or petals can be grouped together and cut that way to simplify the design. Either way, you should always create an overlap (or underlap as it should more appropriately be called) between each section so the background doesn't show through.

water lily flower applique

Water Lily flower applique

The lily pads are very simple one-piece leaves and adding some stitching can define them nicely.

water lily pad

Lily pad with stitching

My finished block is 10" square and I'll be adding it to my 2013 flower block collection! To see a different variation or to purchase the pattern, visit our website: Water Lily Block

water lily block

My Water Lily Block

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  • Thanks Anita, it's fun to change things around a bit :)

    Posted by Ruth, 31/07/2019 1:18pm (2 years ago)

  • I especially like this block and the background fabric that you chose for it. Really lovely.

    Posted by Anita, 31/07/2019 11:53am (2 years ago)

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