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Last week I happened to be in our local craft store and found some oval hoops so I decided to grab a couple and start designing - of course, flowers came to mind.

oval hoops

Oval Hoops

I decided to choose two flowers - an iris and a daffodil - both being tall slender plants that would work perfectly for these hoops. With the recently made Flower Blocks in mind (made a few weeks back) that included the words "Home Sweet Home" on them, I thought the addition of words would add to the design.

I wanted to use a phrase to fill the space above the flowers and with the frame being curved, I knew I had to curve the words too. I used Inkscape to do this quite easily, curving some over the top and some underneath. With the words printed out, it made it really easy to trace onto the background, taking away all the guesswork.

printed words

Phrases printed for easy tracing

As I was attaching the applique, I noticed how the right leaf on the daffodil block created a shallow under one of the light petals. Luckily before I pressed it in place, I was able to cut away that section of the leaf leaving just a tiny underlay.

leaf cut away

Leaf under petal cutaway - you can still see a slight shadow from the underlay sections

I used my soft-edge applique technique to stitch the applique and I machine embroidered using free-motion for the letters. The easiest way to do the latter is to drag the thread from letter to letter rather than cutting it off every time I stopped and started a new one. After all the stitching is done, I come back and snip those extra threads off and the words are revealed.


Letters stitched before trimming

words trimmed

words trimmed

I really liked how these two frames turned out!

spring flower hoops

Two flower pictures in hoops

....and because they would make a wonderful gift, I decided to put both designs into one pattern, complete with lettering for both phrases. I also included an option for adding a border just in case anyone has difficulty finding the right hoop.

Iris with border

Iris in an oval border

If you are interested in the pattern, you can find it here: Spring Flowers

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