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Isn't if funny how when you are out shopping you find something you never went out to intentionally buy, but the thought of it just sparks a brilliant idea? In fact, the thought gave me a great idea to create some very personal unique gifts to give away. I was actually in the art section of a store looking for sticker albums for the kids (gosh I didn't know these were so hard to find!) when I spotted some inexpensive ready framed canvases. Okay, so I'm not a painter, but I thought why not use them to mount some of my flower blocks!

framing - canvas frame

flower blocks framed and mounted for presentation

For just a few dollars, I bought three - probably should have bought more, but I needed to test my theory first. I can always go back again... and I will for sure because look how well these turned out!

So here's what I did...

I wanted to frame my flower blocks with a blue border to make them stand out on the white wall I was planning to hang them. I also needed to add a little more fabric to the blocks as they were already made and not quite big enough for the frames I bought. (In hindsight, I should have bought the frames first and made the blocks to fit) In any case, it still worked well. I figured out I needed an excess of 2" all the way around to give me sufficient fabric to turn to the back of the frame, so include this in your calculations when making your block to fit.

With block face down on the table, I placed the frame face down, centered over it. I then pulled the center of each side around the frame, working with opposite sides to ensure I didn't overstretch the block. Because the canvas was there, it made it easy to secure the fabric with pins. I could then flip it over to check it was even on the right side before proceeding. I did need to make a slight adjustment to ensure the border was straight. 

framing - pinning opposite sides to stretch fabric

Once I knew it was correct, I used my staple gun to staple the centers of each side.

framing - staples opposite sides to secure

Then I worked my way toward the corners, stapling on either side of the center staples.

framing - staples either side of first staple

Once I got close to the corners, I used pins again. It is so much easier as you can adjust them to make sure the fabric folds flat and neatly before making it more permanent with the staple. I trimmed out a square in the corner, just to reduce the bulk, but leaving enough to ensure all raw edges were well covered.

framing - pins hold fabric in place at corners ready to staple

With it neatly folded, I then used staples again to secure it.

framing - staples secure corners

This was amazingly easy! 

The last part was to add the small wedges in the back of the frame. These came with the canvas frame and are used to stretch the frame tight which of course finishes off very nicely for the perfect gift.

framing - corner wedges stretch the canvas

With my 52 flower blocks, I sure have a lot of wonderful gifts to offer! Which flowers should I make next? If you haven't seen them before you can find them here on my website here: 52 Flower Blocks

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