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Quick easy quilts make beautiful gifts. I revamped this quilt pattern after Sue sent me a photo of her newly quilted Stepping Stones quilt. This one she calls "Kitty Love".

stepping stones by Sue - named Kitty Love

Kitty Love by Sue

Kitty Love features a cat print surrounded by pink and red squares - perfect for any little girl.

stepping stones by Sue - close up

Close up of Kitty Love

So you can either use a favorite print like Sue did featuring cats or any other theme fabric or how about a favorite block? I put this quilt together quickly using one of my favorite blocks "Air Castle".

stepping stones with favorite block Air Castle

Stepping Stones with favorite block Air Castle

The quilt pattern includes sizes with the feature blocks in 6", 8" and 10" blocks so use a smaller print or block for the small size and larger for the bigger one. If you'd like to download the pattern check out this page on my website: Stepping Stones

Stepping Stones with printed squares as feature blocks

Stepping Stones with printed squares as feature blocks

Happy Quilting!


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