Reflections in Hoffman Fabrics

Posted by Ruth on 22 October 2015 | 0 Comments
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I am so excited to be able to present another quilt in Hoffman Fabrics booth at International Market in Houston this Fall. I used my newest pattern "Reflections" which is a bargello design and used Hoffman's newest batik fabrics. The Hoffman Fabrics were perfect. 

Reflections bargello quilt made with hoffman by Ruth Blanchet

If you get a chance to stop by the Hoffman Fabric booth I hope you will check it out.

This Bargello is what I refer to as a double design. The inner design protrudes from the main section to give an optical illusion of one design sitting on top of the other. I think it looks great presented either portrait or landscape, but for some reason my Hoffman Fabric quilt looks best landscape (in my opinion) and the original looks best portrait. They take on quite a different look depending on which way you hang them.

Reflections bargello displayed portrait - the original fabrics

What do you think?

About "Reflections" Bargello pattern: This Bargello can be hung either landscape or portrait, it looks perfect whichever way you care to display it. The optical illusion creates dimension with the inner pattern protruding from the background. With easy to follow charts and grids, this quilt will go together with ease. This pattern also includes quilting details. Read more....

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