So many Reds!

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Last week I made my first Folded Ribbon Heart from Anita's new pattern. It was super easy and super fun!

Today I wanted to share one of the pattern tester's quilts. Lara made a red and black scrappy quilt and it looks fantastic. She made a queen-sized quilt but mixed up the backgrounds and arrangement of the blocks.

folded ribbon heart by lara

Lara Nakazawa's red and black quilt

Before going any further with mine, I decided to pull fabrics from my stash to see whether I might have enough for a red and black quilt. It's amazing how many reds there actually is!

I found pinkish-reds, murky reds, salmon-reds, orange-reds and, can I say, red/reds?

fabric pink reds

pinkish reds

fabric murky reds

murky reds

fabric salmon reds


fabric orange reds


fabric red reds


I divided them into groups but it probably doesn't matter if I include them all. However I think I have enough red-reds with adding in a few odd ones for contrast. I also pulled some blacks as I like the idea of using some black for backgrounds - maybe I can even make some white hearts too!

fabric reds for ribbon heart

black, red and white fabrics

Here is my next 12" block. This one is made from one 8" block and five 4" blocks.

hearts cut ready to stitch

Pieces cut out ready to stitch one 8" block and five 4" blocks

heart block multi size sections

12" heart block

I realized that I don't have many red on white fabrics and I think they really show the effect of the 3-d ribbons. Looks like I might need to take a visit to a quilt shop before I continue!

When sewing the 4" blocks it was important to get these precise otherwise they looked odd - thankfully, Anita includes a paper pieced foundation in the pattern which is ideal for beginners or those who prefer foundation patchwork. The foundations definitely help.

Time for me to locate some more red on white fabrics. In the meantime, if you'd like to check out Anita's pattern, you can find it here: Folded Ribbon Heart 

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