Teddy Bear Quilt - part 1

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If you are a follower of my blog posts (which happen to be far and few between at the moment), you will know that once a year I like to try to revive one of my patterns and make it better than it was. Last year it was "A Freshness of Spring" and this year it is "I Love Teddy".

I Love Teddy - 2010

"I Love Teddy" was developed last year, but I must say, at a bit of a rush as my sister was due to have twins and had asked me to make a quilt for the second crib (she already had one I'd made earlier for her). Of course, the question was asked, which twin would get the new quilt? The solution was quite easy really, I just made two new quilts, hence I was a little rushed.

So now, not that I have any more time, but I must say enough time to enjoy making each teddy bear come to life by giving them each a character. First though I need to piece the background. 

Nothing like speeding up the process with some chain stitching.

Chain stitching the diamond blocks speeds up construction

Where did all those little triangles come from? Aren't they pretty?


They are the trimmings of the snowball corners when I created those colorful diamonds.

Diamond block with snowball corners

And now the joining of the sections to make up the blocks. Oops....

Of course, there always seems to be a little backward sewing too.

Backward sewing needed here when seams don't meet correctly

This is much better now!

Seams are corrected by butting them together

Seams are now fixed

The blocks are coming together nicely.

Some of the units together

The background is growing

However, before the background was fully completed, I couldn't help myself, I just had to start building these fun appliques. I planned to add detail to each teddy bear to build his character.

I did want to continue the theme of using the colors of the diamonds for their clothes as in the original: aqua, red, green, purple, yellow and orange, so I selected a color for each character I was building. I started with sailor teddy. He was to be yellow, but somehow, the sailor just didn't do yellow so well.

Yellow sailor teddy

Sailor Teddy in yellow

So I changed his clothes to white.

White sailor teddy

Sailor Teddy in white

What do you think? Yellow or White? Leave me a comment on your choice while I continue with the other characters.

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