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I know if I had an embroidery module on my sewing machine that I'd be wanting to make the most use of it. I know Joanne Winn does with all the wonderful embroideries I've seen from her. So inspiring! The class Joanne has starting this week is beyond the basics, not for the beginner but rather to get more out of your machine. Why not take that extra step and who better to do it with than Joanne, the expert in her field? 

Rose and Lovely Leaves

Joanne shared some photos of what one can do in class and tells us a little more about it.

"This theory class is for students who own an embroidery machine and embroidery machine software. It is not a beginning class. Students who use their digitizing software but would like to go beyond what they have accomplished from guide classes and learning on their own will benefit from this class. You will learn how to edit an existing design, combine existing designs, change an outline design into appliqué or embroidered fills and finally to manually digitize a large design and learn how to split the design and stitch it using multihooping. There are many other subjects covered in this Step by Step class. I hope to see you in class."


Crewel Flowers

Closeup of Crewel Flowers

These embroideries are amazing. To get a full detail list of what is learned in class see the outline below.


A little bird told me she is working on a new amazing piece. Who knows, perhaps she will share a little bit of her work in progress in class. I know I cannot wait to hear more and maybe get a peak!

Rose Wreath

For more information visit the Academy of Quilting for details: Beyond Basic Digitizing 

The following is an outline of Joanne's class Beyond Basic Digitizing. This information can also be found by clicking on the link above.

Lesson One

  • Slow Redraw
  • Start and End
  • Underlay
  • Color Film
  • Thread Colors
  • Edit and Resize a Design
  • Add digitizing to an existing design
  • Print a Color Chart

Lesson Two

  • Digitize a Wreath
  • Add embroidery fills to an existing outline design
  • Add appliqué to an existing design
  • Combine designs
  • Digitize large quilt block designs

Lesson Three

  • Art Sources
  • Copyright
  • Clip Art for Digitizing
  • Scanning Clip Art
  • Mapping and Pathing
  • Digitizing from scratch

Lesson Four

  • Add placement lines to designs
  • Manually split designs for multihooping
  • Discuss how to stitch large quilt block designs
  • Use a template to place designs

quilting classes available at the Academy of Quilting

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