Bodacious Blossoms

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I make many different flowers for my quilts. In fact, last year I made a flower every week, but they are nothing like the flowers Leslie Lacika makes. You won't find her flowers listed in the plant category either. Instead, Leslie designs them to make them look like flowers without the added detail. This makes them easy to create and looking as beautiful as real flowers can be. 

I asked Leslie to tell us more about her class Bodacious Blossoms:

Bodacious Blossoms is my newest class. I have become obsessed with making these wall hangings using dimensional flowers, stems, and leaves. I continue to think of new ways to create the blooms. I started out thinking of ways to give dimension by using fabric. Then the process grew. I am a collector (aren’t all of us quilters?), and I have lots of interesting ribbons, yarns, laces, beads, buttons, and more that are perfect to enhance my fabric containers. Here’s a photo of part of a new project. Pieces of unraveled shoe laces were perfect for the yellow flowers, and scrunched and twisted pieces of tulle were just right for the snowy flower heads and the pieces blowing in the wind. A few beads add a bit of sparkle.

If you’re like me, you must have some hand work whenever you travel or wait at an appointment. I always carry a baggie full of fabrics and notions to create blooms when I have some sitting time. Just like a traditional gardener, I can create beautiful arrangements later from my collection. Unlike the flowers from a garden, my blooms last and last.

One of my earliest quilts using dimensional flower has a bouquet in the center surrounded by a circle of gloves. Now, my blossoms are migrating from my quilts. I have a jacket adorned with a glove tucking some flowers and vines into the pocket and holding a flower on the hat. I think these blooms would be pretty added to some vintage purses I have as well.

What a great idea for decorating your clothing Leslie! And look at those creative wall hangings - sounds like a whole lot of fun.

If you want to join Leslie in her Bodacious Blossoms class you can do so here: More info and registration for Bodacious Blossoms

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  • I'm looking forward to meeting new students in the upcoming class. You'll have so much fun "growing" your quilt.

    Posted by Leslie Lacika, 10/03/2014 3:30pm (7 years ago)

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