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I have to say, Lily Kerns has been working really hard, through all elements such as computer crashes and storms causing power outages, to bring her CorelDraw learning class up to date with the newest version of CorelDraw. Not only has she changed the lessons where needed but she is now including a new way of learning CorelDraw, through video. The class has three methods, so one is bound to suit you if not all three!

We are also including a slightly different format for the text lessons in this class. The lessons will all be available at the start for those who wish to work right through (by clicking a link at the end of each lesson), or you can wait for the weekly links to become available. The choice is yours.

Lily has a note of advice to offer:

"More than 12 million people around the world use CorelDRAW for design and illustration. Corel recently released a new version, X7. This is easier to use, while continuing the functionality of its basic tools. To take advantage of the class videos, you will need to download a free trial of the program from but before you do, realize this is good for only 30 days so wait until class begins to download. After that you can "rent" the program for $25 a month or purchase it. Upgrades are available if you already have X4, X5, or X6. You will need Windows 7 or 8 to run X7. You can use it on a Mac with Parallels or a similar option."

Note: You will still be able to do most of your class work using your older version, but the class will focus on learning the newest one.

I decided to add Lily's introduction video here, just to show you some of the designs she has created, in one way or another, using CorelDraw over recent times. It's amazing what you can do with this program! 

If you cannot view this video, click here

I hope you will join Lily in this session of the class. Designing with CorelDraw

You can read more about Lily and her other classes on her profile page at the Academy of Quilting.

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