Crazy Quilt Piecing

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What is, Crazy quilting? Crazy quilting is not just slapping together whatever scraps you have laying around and hoping for the best. There are different methods of constructing the blocks depending on the look you want to achieve and the kind of scraps you are working with.

Cindy Thury Smith teaches Crazy Quilt Piecing at the Academy of Quilting. I asked her how she got started:

"Little did I know when I took my first crazy piecing class in 1979, that I would still be sewing crazy quilts 35 years later! When Judith Baker Montano showed me the construction method for using MANY different fabrics in one block I knew I would happily be using all those small scraps of pretty fabrics I just couldn't throw away. Crazy piecing has also introduced me to dozens of embellishment techniques over the years, both hand done techniques and machine techniques. The resulting quilts, pillows, purses, wallhangings and decorator items are very personalized and make truly memorable gifts. What level of sewing skills do you need to make a crazy quilt? Well, here's an example of a cooperative baby quilt made by 8 non-sewers and 1 sewer."  ... Cindy

Cooperative Baby Quilt

In class you will make two classic blocks as well as two blocks using innovative methods. Cindy will provide a brief overview of historical crazy quilting styles and share the pros and cons of each method. You will learn how to avoid some common crazy piecing problems and practice some embellishment options. References for further study will also be provided. A printed fabric foundation is provided to downloaded for working on. If you wanted to try this Victorian specialty, this is the perfect opportunity!

Crazy Quilt Piecing starts this Friday (registration closes after the weekend) and just for you we have a discounted rate. Register here, but before you do, check out the Crazy Quilt projects below.

Crazy Chroma

Crazy Christmas Cracker


Cindy Thury Smith has been making quilts for over 50 years and began teaching quilting in the pre-rotary cutter days. Read more about Cindy and the other classes she teaches...

Don't forget to register at our discounted price: Register here

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