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Anita Eaton's Entwined Star quilt is a favorite for sure. The blocks are fun to make and look wonderful if you want to make them all scrappy. A great way to use up leftover scraps from other quilts. 

Entwined Star quilt

She is getting ready to teach this class at the Academy of Quilting. Let's take a look inside...

Anita divided the class into four lessons. The four lessons are spread over four weeks with an extra couple of weeks at the end to finish off or to play catchup if one should get a little behind with the project. The great thing about online classes is, you work at your own pace. You can log in any time of day or night, dressed up or in your pjs if you prefer!

In the first lesson Anita talks about fabrics. She shows you combinations of what work well and also other combinations that do not work so well together with ways to improve them by changing out one fabric for a more favorable color. Use your favorite fabrics whether it be 30's prints, batiks, small prints or solids. They all look great in my opinion.

Although I am not a fan of green, one of my favorite blocks that she made is this green and orange one. Look how well the colors and fabrics look together.

Anita's Entwined Star block

Also in lesson one, Anita covers all the equipment and materials you will need and even supplies a template that makes strip-piece cutting real easy. She demonstrates how it is used. Or if you prefer, you can purchase a ruler to do the same.

By the end of the lesson, you will have decided on a quilt size (there are several options), cut out all your fabric and made the first triangle units.

You'll be anxious to move on to lesson two. For me this is the fun part because you get to sew all those stars together and see just how they look. If you don't like one, you can always make another to replace it and use that for the label on the back if you chose.

Anita takes you step by step through the process and gives you tips to make it all come together neatly. Here's a tip that she shares: "Sewing with center unit on top will allow you to stitch through seam point accurately."

Stitch with center unit on top for accuracy

If you have a problem, she'll also be available in the class forum to answer any questions.

In lesson two, you will also make the sashing. Again there is a choice, either corner stones or star sashing. Both look great. Probably the hardest part is deciding which one you will use.

Lesson three is all about borders. Choose plain or piano key. The piano key really looks great with the scrappy star blocks. Here is one Anita made using 30's print with the piano key border.

Anita's 30's quilt with piano key border

Lastly we get to the quilting stage in lesson four. Anita provides a really cool feather design that you can use. Or if you feel that is a little too advanced, she also gives alternative options for quilting.

Simple straight quilting

And to top it off, she gives details of her favorite method of binding and creative labels to add too.

Creative labels

I made a couple of these blocks at a demonstration and they were so much fun that I just want to make the whole quilt.

Creative labels

Will you join me in Anita's class? This class is now one of our on-demand classes so you can start anytime you like. I hope to see you there.

About Entwined Star Online workshop: This beautiful starry quilt is truly patchwork when made as a scrappy quilt. Mix and match your colors for that old fashioned patchwork look or use a three fabric combination (light, medium and dark) for a more modern day appearance.Anita helps you with fabric selection, which fabrics work well and which fabrics you are better to leave in your stash for another project. Read more...

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