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What does "metallic", "heavy" and "twisted" all have in common? Some would say, "Difficult Threads", but not so for Linda Schmidt. With a combination of "drinking straw", "Sewers Aid", "Top stitching needle" and more, she makes stitching with unusal threads exciting and fun rather than frastrating and clumbersome in her class "Filament Fantasy". Today she told me a little bit more about her class...

"I really wanted a class that would help individual quilters learn to use difficult threads on their own machines, so we go back to the very beginning, using cotton thread top and bottom, then gradually working through using a fine metallic, a sliver metallic, a twisty horrible thread, 2 threads through the same needle, then using decorative stitches to applique and quilt.  By that time, the student has really gotten in touch with their own machine to know what works, and what doesn't work.  The tips I give help people to use these threads more easily - how to use Sewers Aid, a drinking straw, a Topstitch 100 needle, moleskin, and directional spool setup to make the process as painless as possible.  You CAN quilt with metallic and other difficult threads, you CAN put heavy threads in your bobbin (even 4 mm silk ribbon) and you won't even need a psychiatrist's couch, after.  When I was working on this class, I was having so much fun, I was an hour late to work.  Twice.  It just did not occur to me that the time could be passing that quickly.  So, come on - let's DO IT and have fun with those nasty threads!"

I have to admit, being creative with threads is a whole lot of fun. This piece I created back in 2000. I use decorative 'thick' threads and bobbin techniques among other things. I sure wish I had known about Linda's class back then, I could have added a whole lot more thread embellishment.

Falling Leaves


You don't have to miss out though, check out Linda's class that starts Friday: Filament Fantasy

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