Fractal Fragments

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Do you know about fractals? You might think they came with the computer age, but this is not so, they came long before that! Fractals are a special kind of pattern that are so amazing and different... only a mathematician could really explain their creation, but they are certainly fantastic inspiration for quilt designs. My heart starts beating rapidly with excitement as I imagine making quilts from every fractal I see, each more beautiful and unique than the last. Lily put together a short video to give you an idea of what her class "Fractal Fragments" is all about, but first lets see how she got started.

Lily says: "Back in the early 90's when I got my first computer (a ten year old DOS dinosaur), one of my kids gave me a calendar of fractal images. They were gorgeous and I was fascinated by their colors and complexity. Later when I got a computer that could handle it, I started playing with fractal programs. It has also given me a new appreciation of fractal qualities of the world around us. These patterns are a never-ending resource for quilt design as well.

My great nieces and nephews always ask if they can play games on my iPad and I let them play with my fractal and music programs instead. Who needs games when you can create fractal images?"


And that was just a short clip of what's to come in Lily's class. If you want to know more about Lily's class Fractal Fragments you can find out here - class starts this Friday: Fractal Fragments

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