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Rose Hughes has her Fast-Piece applique class, "Shaping Up With Fast-Piece Applique" beginning this weekend. This class is a fresh and innovative way of learning fast and fun applique. Rose took a moment to share some thoughts with us all.

I have stood in a field of poppies... in wonder.

I have stood on the cliffs overlooking the ocean,

or on natural precipices overlooking a sea of forest...

Walked along paths,

Shared moments with friends & family....

And in each of these instances had an idea for a quilt come to me.

Early on in my own quilting experiences I longed for a way to transform those ideas into fabric, and for many years tried many techniques. Many seemed to take me closer, but it wasn’t until I combined them all into Fast-Piece Applique that I found a way to stitch all the shapes of those places around me. The places that fill my heart with memories.

Here are a few of those quilts...

a long ago weddingwConvergenceWDreams of Poppies I Wyellowbrickroadw

To find out more about Rose's online class visit the Academy of Quilting: Shaping Up With Fast-Piece Applique

Rose's newest book has just been announced and is available on Amazon for pre-orders, and she has shared a bit about how she uses simplifying to create designs – and how she created the quilt that is on the cover of this latest piece applique coverw

For more information visit Rose's blog:

quilting classes available at the Academy of Quilting

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