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Piecing fabrics together is always fun. Following designs and coming up with variations adds to the mix. Some work, some don't, but that is all part of the growing and learning. Anita started redesigning blocks about a dozen years ago, when she joined a BOM at her local quilt shop. She met a couple of quilt designers there and became intrigued with the process. She started designing on graph paper but soon acquired a computer program for quilt design at the instigation of her computer guru husband.

One thing led to another and Anita ended up writing directions for some of the patterns and teaching classes. One of my favorite is called Entwined Star which she currently teaches online at AoQ (Academy of Quilting). Entwined Star is Anita's more complex variation of an eight-pointed star.  She says that initially she wanted to call this quilt "Eaton's Entwined Star" but it was too much of a mouthful, so it became "Entwined Star."

"Naming my quilts is a serious challenge" she says.

The star block can be seen in this throw cushion she made, but in class, you follow through and make the entire quilt (if you wish). Anita also shows how, by changing a dark to light or vice versa, you can come up with quite a different looking block. She shows you how you can make this project without the need of purchasing a special ruler and she guides you through the process, step by step. 

To find out more about Anita's Entwined Star online class visit the Academy of Quilting.

Below is a photo from Susan who sent us this photo after completing Anita's course in January. Very pretty!

Susan's Entwined Star Quilt

Later in the year (September) Anita will be teaching another class, "Celebrations" where you will have just as much fun with embellishments and more.

quilting classes available at the Academy of Quilting

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