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One of my favorite things to do is machine quilting. If you haven't tried it before, then you are missing out. I have been machine quilting now for many years and love making new designs to practice and include in my quilts, but not only that, I also have a passion for teaching others how to machine quilt successfully. In fact, I have an online class that takes you from the very beginning of how to layer your quilts through various straight quilting techniques and onto free-motion.

So what does one discover in my class?

  • Correct layering techniques (important for successful machine quilting)
  • Tools and equipment to use
  • Straight machine quilting techiques and variations
  • Free-motion how-to
  • A sampler to practice the techniques
  • Quilting Designs
  • Discussion on what you can quilt on your own quilts
  • Video clips to give you a bird's eye view of just how the techniques are done

But wait, this is not all...

  • As a registered student in this machine quilting class, you get to come back time and time again... I add more quilting designs so you will have a continuous flow of designs to use.

With Christmas just around the corner, I decided some Christmas borders would be a great addition for this class. Here is one that will be included. I double stitched this design, the second stitching I did in silver to create a snowy glitter effect.

Do you have many quilt tops sitting in the cupboard waiting to be quilted? Or are you tired of sending your quilts off to a longarm quilter for them to finish your beautiful quilt? Quilting your own quilts is very rewarding. Come join me at the Academy of Quilting for this fun and ongoing machine quilting class. Machine Quilting Registration

See you there! 

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