Learning EQ7- beginner's patchwork

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Love quilting, and also love quilting software? If you have bought EQ7 (or one of the earlier version) and have hesitated to use it because it seemed complicated, here is the perfect class for you. Tutor Shirley Goodwin shows you how to design and use blocks and quilts with this hugely popular quilting software. Featuring screenshots and videos of every step, you will learn how to select, color and place pieced blocks in a multitude of different quilt styles and layouts. You will explore color theory and experiment with colors and fabrics without needing to cut into your stash, and go on to draw your own block and quilt patterns from scratch.

Shirley designed this one quilt quickly and easily in EQ7 and...

with a simple layout change she altered the shape of the quilt and added some new colors...

a few more color changes - just a click for each to color all the patches - and it can look quite different...

a few more clicks to change the darks and lights around to give a completely different look... Butterflies?

and how about this for a great masculine design?

By the end of this 4 part workshop, you will be confident and competent to create beautiful quilts, use the EQ tools to calculate fabric yardage, print templates and rotary cutting instructions, and make your virtual quilts a reality.

Remember, you can do this class if you have an earlier version of EQ too!

Shirley's EQ7 Beginner's Patchwork class begins next week on Friday 20th June. Be sure to check it out. You can make hundreds of designs in minutes and then pick the best to make them for real. For further details, check the Academy of Quilting website: EQ7 Beginner's Patchwork

PS If you don’t yet have Electric Quilt software, it can be obtained here http://electricquilt.com/online-shop/category/quilt-design-software/ or you can probably find it in your local quilt shop too.

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