Machine Embroidery for Beginners

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Do you have an embroidery machine? Do you know how to use it with confidence and ease? Did you know you can get free designs for it?

Joanne Winn's Beginning Machine Embroidery class is about to begin. She has an invite just for you:

I would like to invite you to take my Beginning Embroidery class. This class will show you how to use your embroidery machine and sew much more. When you bought your embroidery machine I am sure some of you did not realize that you had to learn how to use the machine and the module but you also had to learn how to use a computer along with these other skills. This class will show you how to:

- learn how to use the functions on your machine

- hoop your stabilizer

- set up your files to Save your designs

- go on the internet and download free designs and tutorials

There is so much more. The photos in this blog show some of the FREE Complimentary designs on my website. There are so many good designs for free and I will show you how to do this. You have to watch though - it can be addicting!

... Joanne


Click to Join Joanne in Beginning Machine Embroidery

See you in class!

If you would like to read more about Joanne Winn and other classes she has, visit her profile page on the Academy of Quilting: Joanne Winn's profile page

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