Markers, Marbling and Quilting

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Something a little different in the way of quilt making is always fun. Pat Daniels has an interesting technique where she uses markers, felt tipped markers or fabric markers both work, to marble fabric. She teaches this in her class "Marker Mania". Of course, you can also make the projects (she includes two) using purchased fabric without adding the marbling effect and still learn all about bias tape applique.

I asked Pat to give us an insight on how she came up with this marbling concept for her class. (oh by the way, she is offering this class with a discount, but it's only available this weekend.)


Pat recently added this new project
option to her original class

"I got into scribbling on fabric to imitate one of the effects of hand-marbled fabric. Marbling, in this case, doesn't refer to fabric like 'Moda Marbles' but rather the ancient Turkish craft of marbling paper. I used to do this on fabric.

If you look at the inside cover of an old book, you may see beautiful swirls of colours in fantastic patterns. This is called "Ebru". I used to do this until the chemicals needed to stabilize the paint were no longer made. I didn't like the results of the substitues. They made the colours more grainy. I wanted a crisp look for my fabrics.

When I was asked if I could teach one of the quilts I had sewn with my marbled fabric, I had to come up with an easy alternative that could effectively resemble the marbled look. I have a pile of felt pens. I stared at those pens and, 'Voila!' an idea came to me. Why not use markers to simulate the undulating lines that marbling produces? When I started experimenting with the technique, I discovered that it was also fun. I didn't have to make any fancy patterns. I didn't have to have advance drawing skills. What I was good at was scribbling. Although the first results looked kind of scrappy, it was when I cut it into smaller pieces that I discovered how effective it was. So if you'd like to get into scribbling again, try the class "Marker Mania" and have a blast!"

Good job Pat, I'm going to pull out my felt tipped pens that I was saving for the grandkids and use them myself :) 

Join Pat for some serious fun in this class where you have options on projects and various methods of creating them: Marker Mania 

Following are a few photos from previous students who also took this class.

Diann's quilt

Elizabeth's quilt

Lorri's quilt

Kuniyo's work in progress

Be sure to send us a photo of your project too.

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