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Meet Rose Huges and her first class at the Academy of Quilting called "Shape Up with Fast-Piece Applique™". I asked her to share with us all, how she got started in coming up with her Fast-Piece Applique™ techniques.

"When I began quilting I fell in love with the patterns and blocks, but really as I discovered Amish style designs and stitching I was hooked. The large graphic designs, how they used solid fabrics and made a quilt come alive with stitching always has had, and will have a place in my heart. But as I traveled the west coast my discovery of the vast and variable landscapes grew. I felt the need to include much of what I had seen, yet the blocks and patterns available did not come close to what I wanted in my quilts. After experiencing a beautiful scene or a wonderful design have you ever noted curves or irregular angles and said to yourself, “there’s no way I could ever make that”?

This is what happened to me, so I began to take classes and workshops, gathering valuable information and set out to find a way to create a technique that would provide me with freedom from squares and blocks. I always thank 3 special teachers I was lucky enough to experience along the way. Nancy Crow freed me from using my ruler, and reinforced the power line plays in our quilts. David Walker introduced me to machine applique, and to adding beads to my quilts. Susan Shie and James Accord reintroduced me to a love of embroidery and gave me permission to use it any way I wanted.

With lessons learned from these teachers over several years, and after a lot of trial and error, I found a way to incorporate my love of the flowing sensuous lines that we find all around us. I had arrived at the perfect way to easily stitch curves and circles while there was never a straight line in sight. I have never turned back and use my Fast-Piece Applique™ method to transform almost anything into a quilt. People, places and things all loved for their color and prominence and to convey details which glimmer and draw the viewer in become possible, and even the far out and funky abstracts are made easy with Fast-Piece Applique™.

As I teach I try to give back to the world of quilting, and pass along knowledge that will hopefully open doors that my students can jump through and find a way to create the quilts in their own heads."

... Rose Hughes

Quilt developed for first online class

"Shape Up with Fast-Piece Applique™" is open for registration, you can enroll here or click through to the Academy for further details.


Are you ready to learn a fun, fast and fantastically easy quilt construction method?  In Rose's first class at the Academy of Quilting, "Shape Up with Fast-Piece Applique™", you will be working on building your designing muscles, then stitching everything together quickly using Rose's basic Fast-Piece Applique™ techniques. You will include some of her favorite embroidery stitches along with couching and bead quilting to finish off your project. By the end of class you will have a creative-artful Fast-Piece Applique piece, and a mind filled with new ideas and techniques to apply to future projects.

Here are some photos of students from Rose's live classes. You can see how much fun they are having and I am sure you will too when you register at the Academy of Quilting for her first online class with us.

Read more about this wonderful class here: "Shape Up with Fast-Piece Applique™"

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