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I have a favorite handbag that I take with me almost everywhere, and it's great for walking because it's not too big, has a long strap that doesn't slip off, has lots of pockets and is stylist to boot. But there is one big problem with it (and a couple of small problems), my new leather wallet that I was given for Christmas which has rapidly become a favorite too, and my glasses case don't fit in so well. Another purse, is too big for walking, doesn't have a long strap, but fits everything in it. Yet another doesn't have enough pockets so I'm forever searching for whatever in the bottom (a bottomless pit one might say), but I love the style and shape of it - how can one win? I think Lily has solved my issue with her class "Designing Your Perfect Purse". Let's hear what she has to say....

I'd love to have a whole wardrobe of beautiful purses, but I've always settled for a practical, hold everything mini suitcase which my husband called "a lethal weapon". I had four kids--what can I say?

Then one day I splurged and bought one that was highly advertised on TV. I loved the way it hung on my body and I loved the security pocket on the back. But that was as far as the love affair went. The leather showed sign of wear after a couple months. The flap that was supposed to be your check writing surface was a limp dishrag. The inner zipper pocket was too small to get your fingers into. The two side zippers, that were supposed to make it expandable, slowly unzipped all on their own and allowed all that extra stuff to escape. The pocket that was supposed to hold your ID was so small that you could barely get it in, let alone get it out because the snap was covering the critical information. Suffice it to say that the whole thing was a design disaster.

I knew I could do better! My class, Designing Your Perfect Purse, shares the things I learned. Once you come up with a design that actually does its job of organizing your stuff, you can make the outside as beautiful or as practical as you wish. I've had more fun-- and I'm still finding ways to make the next version better!

Almost the Perfect Purse

I have a lot of fun listening to Lily and her experiences - she sure makes me giggle. I know her classes are just as much fun. Even Tommy the cat joined in her introduction to welcome you into the class. What are you waiting for? "Designing Your Perfect Purse" is starting soon.

About Designing Your Perfect Purse: Still searching for the perfect purse? Lily will act as your guide as you determine what options would make a purse perfect for you. The lessons include small projects that will teach you how to create different kinds of pockets and inserts for handbags, so that you will have a clear understanding of your options as you begin to design your ultimate purse patterns. Read more...

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