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Last week I was looking through some of the classes we have at the Academy and Betty Alofs class "Quilt Your Favorite Photocaught my eye as I read how she turned her home into a realistic quilt replica. Just look at the photo and her quilt to compare.



I asked Betty to tell me a little more about her class:

"Have you ever thought how great it would be to memorialize your favorite places with a unique realistic quilt depicting those scenes near and dear to you? That is just what got me started on this pictorial quilt adventure! After moving to San Diego, and spending many years learning and honing the art of the quilt, I decided to attempt my take on a memory quilt of San Diego!

Hotel Del Coronado

I started by photographing the places I really like about the area, and one by one creating blocks of those photos. I wanted them to look realistic, not overly pieced or overly cartoonish. After several attempts, I developed my method of doing exactly what I wanted to achieve, If viewers thought it was a photo transfer - - well that gave me confidence to keep on going and keep making those accurate depictions of those wonderful places and scenes. 

You can to the same! I will gladly share with you the techniques I have developed over the years to create those accurate realistic depictions and there are many little tricks of the trade I will show you for your own memory block or quilt.

Bring your picture of one of your favorite places, and together we will transform it into your own unique pictorial piece. The tricks and secrets that I have to share with you will help you and the end result will be a treasure for you! It is fun and you gather enthusiasm as you see your piece come to life with textures, color, and realism! I look forward to helping you with your projects! See you in class!"

I'm sure you want to make a replica of your photo too, what a great memory to have. Betty's class begins 28th March. You can find out more here:  "Quilt Your Favorite Photo"

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