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Time to share some work from one of Shirley Goodwin's students in her Screen Printing class - which by the way, starts this weekend at the Academy of Quilting and to see what Shirley has been up to recently. Screen Printing is an inexpensive way to make fantastic new fabric - one of a kind at that and in Shirley's case, a fantastic new look to a quilt that she wasn't happy with.

I can see Margaret had a lot of fun in the last classroom.

Margaret's Flour paste stencil

Flour paste prints

Freezer Paper prints

Stencil prints

...And Shirley continues to have fun between sessions with her screen printing.

Here's her story: "The photos below are all part of a quilt top I have recently made. I used a range of beautiful batiks and then hand dyed fabric to be accents in the corner triangles, picking up colours from the batik fabrics. However, when I laid the blocks out, I felt the hand dyed colors were too bright or too plain. I then decided to screen print designs over them, again using toning colours, and which echoed some of the patterns on the batiks."

In this 1st photo, I used grey trees to reduce the effect of the very bright orange. 

In this photo, the black was fine as a colour, but I added a simple single swirling sun design.

In the 3rd photo, I used a design that toned down most of the navy blue that I thought was too bright.

Photo 4 shows how I added brown to the grey corners. 

The last photo is a close up of the blocks laid out after printing.

All the screen printing was actually done on the sewn blocks (that is, not on the fabric before cutting and sewing). And finally, here is the top laid out on a queen sized bed once the blocks were stitched together. I was very happy with the result - I’d never thought of doing this before, but it worked perfectly!

What a great way to make new fabric. I think I'll try it, how about you? Join Shirley in Screen Printing for Quilters and be prepared to have some fun.

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