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With today's economy and the price of fabrics, we have to make the most of our fabrics and use them wisely. I don't know about you, but I don't throw away the smallest of scraps. The question is, how does one use these small pieces effectively. I do believe Susan Brittingham has the answer.

scrap blocksA"I have always loved working with lots of color and trying interesting color combinations. I also have fun making lots of different blocks rather than one  block over and over. Scrap projects and samplers let me play with color and shapes, and I get to have a great project when I'm done playing."  .... Susan

These photos show some of the blocks Susan has made out of scraps. Notice how they are not necessarily square!

scrap blocks2

Her new class "Samplers, Settings & Scraps" shows you how to create wonderful colorful quilts from scraps and how to unify a variety of blocks through color, fabrics and sashing so they don't look out of place. Each quilt has its own character and she has many ideas to make them unique by taking settings way beyond the expected sashings and cornerstones.

Her samplers are amazing. Look at this one!sampler full

This is one of my favorites.... just beautiful.Starlight quilt image

"Not every experiment has to turn into a quilt, so we will also look at making small totes. Dive into your scrap bag and join me for some fun with color." .... Susan

scrap bags 

Susan has other ideas in class too! No matter what size your stash, you'll have fun using fabric, colors, spare blocks and/or yardage with Susan. See you in class!

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Susan is an experienced professional quiltmaker and instructor. She has been sewing since she was a child, and making quilts and patchwork since 1983 and teaching since 1987. Susan has taught applique, embellishment and art quilt classes online at from 2000-2013 prior to joining the Academy of Quilting. Her areas of expertise include fabric landscapes, architectural and pictorial quilts and machine applique.

Susan's award-winning quilts have been featured in numerous publications throughout the years. She has exhibited in quilt shows and galleries regionally and nationally.

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