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"What is color? The physicist will give you a technical explanation. The art critic or quilt show judge will let you know if your color " isn't right". The quilt shop owner will gladly sell you several sets of pre-cut fabrics in coordinated colors. The paint store will offer you paint chips with suggestions for colors that "go together."

Color is much more than any of that, and you probably know a lot more about it than you think you do. You should--you've been learning about color since the first time you opened your baby-blue eyes and discovered the difference between light and dark. You've been learning about using color ever since.

The more you know about color and the more aware you are of color, the more creatively you can use it. I was lucky. I was a painter before I became a quilter. We spent an entire year just studying how to create the colors we wanted. Unless you get into fabric dyeing, painting or digital printing, you'll still have to work with the colors available, but after this class, at least you will have a better idea of what you are looking for."

-- Lily Kerns

In class you will get to learn and play with colors. We just upgraded the screenplay for building color bridges right on the screen - now you can even use your touch screen to move the color swatches around. It's a lot of fun swapping them around and seeing what you come up with. Karen (a previous student) made her color bridge to help determine the colors for a block...

Karen's color bridge and block

and then moved on to use it to help with her quilt sample.

Karen's quilt

If you need to get your colors to work right in your quilts or just need to learn more about the colors and fabric you use, then you won't want to miss this class. It starts this Friday. For more details visit the Academy of Quilting and Creative Color with Lily.

quilting classes available at the Academy of Quilting

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