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Imagine my excitement, not to mention Linda's when I heard the news "I just got an e-mail that I won an Honorable Mention for the World at the World Quilt Show in New England! (That's like 4th place in the World - not the US entries, but the World!)" posted by Linda Schmidt on our Academy of Quilting facebook page. The news was great, but wait till you see the quilt!

"Ahh.... Venice" as the quilt is called, will travel with the Mancuso shows until January 15, 2015.

"Ahh.... Venice"

I asked Linda to share some thoughts with us on how she went about making this beautiful quilt:

"My husband and I were in Venice for three days, at Easter time, staying on the Lido. We took this photo on a 3-hour gondola ride/walking tour of the city."

Original photo

"The techniques involved are many of those taught in my Elements and other classes. I traced it, enlarged it to full size (38" x 44") at a copy shop, took it home and tried to figure out how to make it."

"I wound up painting the sky and birds, appliqueing the distant buildings, painting the foreground buildings, using Puff Paint to make the sashes and lintels 3-D, and also the bricks peeking out from the broken plaster wall. There is also sand mixed into Puff Paint to make the cement wall right above the boats feel like real cement.  The roof of the building on the right in the garden is made of Puff Paint, as are the stone walls on the building and behind the wisteria. The leaves on the Puff Paint tree on the upper right are made from Lutradur, heated and painted and fused, and the leaves on the wisteria are made from dryer sheets. The branches of the wisteria are puff paint, the flowers are 3-Dimensional paint, tinted. The garden behind the silk-ribbon wrought iron railing is fused, the boats and the water were hand painted and appliqued."

"I quilted it all on my home machine, with metallic and sliver threads in the water, and duller threads for the buildings. My only regret is that there isn't any laundry hanging in the picture - maybe next time!"     ..... Linda.

Linda's "Elements in Fabric" Class starts September 5th at the Academy of Quilt, and it will give you the skills to make intriguing quilts like this winning quilt! You can find out more about Linda's class here: Elements in Fabric

Linda will also be attending a couple of shows in October so if you happen to be going to the Palm Springs Oasis Quilt Show (the first weekend in October) you'll find her there judging and teaching. She will also be at the Pacific International Quilt Show in Santa Clara, October 15-19. Stop in and see her. She would love to meet you especially if you have taken any of her online classes.

More online classes by Linda include:

Filament Fantasy (starts next weekend)

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quilting classes available at the Academy of Quilting

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