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This week I had the pleasure of receiving a photo from a good friend in Arizona. Connie was the first Amercian quilter to be so gracious and welcome me into her home on my very first trip to the USA in 2003. Her and her friend Edna, also in the photo below, organized several teaching opportunities which allowed me to make that trip. What an experience and a whole lot of fun.

Quilters of the Month (Connie left, Edna right)

The photo shows two of my stained glass patterns - a rose and a poppy. Edna took my online class to make the rose and Connie is enrolled for the new session that is starting this week. I will enjoy the company of her in my class again even though we are miles apart this time. 

The other rose quilts in the picture are from a class they both took by Sharon Schamber. The picture was taken on a very hot Arizona morning (115 degrees). I can almost see them melting! The photo was taken for their PebbleCreek newspaper as they were labelled "Quilters of the Month". Great job girls!

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The Poppy pattern is ideal for beginners in stained glass applique and can be purchased by download. You can find further details here: Poppy Stained Glass Applique pattern >>

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