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Bargello quilts have always fascinated me. In fact, it was a bargello that was one of the first quilts I designed. It was the detailed bargello, Bargello Blues created back in the early 90's. In 2003, Carol asked me if I would write a beginner's course in bargello to teach at Quilt University. The class has been a great success over a course of 10 years. I have had hundreds of students around the world learn the techniques of Bargello and today I want to share some of their work. 

Beatte Vetter of Germany

Beth's autumn Bargello

Irene's Winter Bargello

Peggy used fractures on one side only

Suzanne's Autumn Bargello

Now I will continue teaching this class at the Academy of Quilting.  The class is made up of four full-packed lessons, each representing a different season, and different bargello technique. We start with Spring, the easiest of the four bargellos and as we progress so does the difficulty. Students end up with four different quilts and a whole lot of fun and learning.

I hope to teach hundreds more students the ins and outs of Bargello. Join me at the Academy: Bargello Seasons

quilting classes available at the Academy of Quilting

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