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Congratulations to Barbara Delphos of Massachusetts on winning a blue ribbon for her bargello quilt "Freedom". It is always wonderful to receive photos of quilts made from our patterns and very exciting to hear when they have been awarded a prize. Barbara sent us a photo of her blue ribbon prize along with some photos of the quilt in progress.

Barbara's winning blue ribbon for "Freedom" bargello

Barbara says... "I was thrilled to win my second Blue Ribbon using an Arbee Designs pattern. I had won before with Twisted Bargello. I find these patterns very challenging, which I really like. The patterns are well written and I find it best for me to sit and read the whole pattern booklet once or twice. I included a couple of photos to show my progress. As you can see, labeling is very important in this design. I always learn a lot from Ruth's patterns as she offers some great hints. One, that I remember in particular is how to get an accurate 1/4" seam when sewing several 1/4" strips in a row. I am looking forward to working on the lattice patterns as well as well as Color Connections Bargello quilt. Thanks, Ruth, for making all these unique designs."

Labeling is important so the sections don't get mixed

The bargello is coming together on the design wall

Well done Barbara. Your Freedom looks great. I look forward to seeing Color Connections in the future.

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