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I had to share some photos of Connie Martin's tote. She made it in my "Tote That Mat" class at the Academy of Quilting.

Here are the pockets before they are attached.

Connie's pockets ready to attach

This is how Connie's tote looks all put together and finished.

Connie's Tote finished

The frogs are adorable

and the inside looks like this...

Inside the tote

I added buttons on my tote so I asked Connie about the ties she added to hers and she told me a little about it...

"Well, your pattern suggested using a ribbon to make a"buttonhole" if you will, but I couldn't find any buttons that "complimented" my frogs! So I decided I would just use the ribbon to tie it together! The ribbons are 24" in length, and they are sewn into the binding on both sides, 4" from each side of the handles. I chose green ribbon because the frogs needed some 'grass' to play in!

Now that the tote is complete, I have decided that frogs are more than appropriate - since I kept trying to "jump ahead" of your lessons, I ended up guessing wrong, and did a LOT of "frog stitching" before it was actually finished...

Thank you for a VERY enjoyable class with such a fun and useful project! I look forward to more classes!"

I love the colors and the frog print she used and actually tried to convince her that I needed a new tote, but she didn't take the hint <grin> Great job Connie. Everyone will be envying you and your new carry tote.

Maybe you'll join me for the next session starting 12th September. More details here: Tote That Mat

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