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All quilts tell a story especially art quilts and journal quilts, which are usually a series of small quilts that reveal a longer tale. Often one journal quilt leads onto the next and it is amazing how their tale unravels. Lily Kerns shared some journal quilts made from a few of her students. 

Beth's Summer and Winter - half and half

Beth's Summer and Winter journal quilt

Beth's Journal quilt with light coloring

Beth's Journal quilt 2

beth's journal quilt using neutral colors, couched threads and hand stitching

Beth's journal quilt 3

Cindy cloth paper whispers 001

Cindy - cloth paper whispers

Cindy journal quilt final piecing 006

Cindy's journal quilt

cindy rainbow grey scale clipboard 001

Cindy's rainbow and grey scale clipboard

Cindy the back stories 002

Cindy's The back stories 2

Cindythe back stories 003

Cindy's The back stories 3

Cindythe back stories 004

Cindy's The back stories 4

Cindy's The back stories

Cindy's The back stories close up

Martha Sparks

Martha Sparks journal quilt 1

Martha Sparks

Martha Sparks journal quilt 2

WendyS 1

Wendy's journal quilt

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