Judith made Trinity Celtic Knot

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Trinity Celtic Knot is a wonderful quilt to make. I thoroughly enjoyed making it and I know hundreds of other quilters have made it too. It is one of our best selling patterns.

Judith Maggi Fritschi was one quilter who really had a fun time with this design. She made her quilt in blue, red and lime green on a white background. Wonderfully bright and cheery.

Trinity Celtic Knot

Judith added some decorative quilting on the borders. Each border is different.

Dunes Quilting

Here's what she says about her quilting:

"My first thought about quilting the borders was totally different, I wanted to do something very "square", to be consistent with the quilt motive. But when I sewed the borders to the centre and realised how wide they were, I changed my mind and wanted to quilt them totally different one from the other."

Rocks Quilting

"The only consistent idea was: I named the quilt Boa Vista, which is a small island of the Capverdian Archipel. My brother lives there and when I saw the pattern of the quilt, I knew I wanted to use these directional fabrics with these bright colours. So I also used quilt motives which relied to the island: dune movements, waves, leaves and stones, and that is how I quilted the borders."

leaves quilting

"The ideas of the designs where looked after in the Internet: dunes, waves and stones where studied at Leah Day's HP, the leaves pattern was the January-pattern at the Free Motion Quilting Challenge 2012"

Waves Quilting

Her quilt is beautiful. Have you made this design and want to share a photo. Feel free to contact me.

For more information about this pattern Trinity Celtic Knot visit our website. It is available both as a pattern and an online class.

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