Portraits in Fabric

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Marilyn Belford's Realistic Fabric Portraits online class begins again today so I wanted to share some of the portraits students made in the last session. All very amazing. Great job students!

Pam's quilt

Sharon's quilt

Laura's quilt

Dee Dee's quilt

And here is a close up of the stitching on Dee Dee's portrait.

close up of stitching

As with all quilts, you need to start somewhere and build up your portrait. Marilyn takes you step by step through the right sequence. You can see in the following two photos Suzanne's progress.

Suzanne's work in progress

Suzanne's quilt

Of course, if you are a student and haven't sent me a photo, feel free to. I'd love to see it.

To find out more about this class, check out Realistic Fabric Portraits

If you want to read more about Marilyn, you can do so by visiting Marilyn's profile page at the Academy of Quilting and to see her most recent, amazing work, be sure to take a look at the blog post I wrote not so long ago: A Most Amazing Award Winning Quilt

quilting classes available at the Academy of Quilting

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