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Yesterday as I was checking into my Arbee Designs Facebook page, I found a message from one of my students.

  • "Just wanted to let Ruth know that after taking her Beginning Art Quilt class, I was able to share a gallery opening with a friend. Something I never dreamed I would do. Thanks."

The message was from Barbara Taylor Frohne, a student who took my "Getting Started with Quilt Art" class earlier this year, which is the one she refers to in the message. Of course, I wanted to congratulate her so dropped her a line to make contact. It is so rewarding to hear student's achievements!

Barbara told me a little more about the Gallery opening.

"I hung 11 pieces in the gallery. 6 of them were designs I have created over the last couple years and the others are hexagon boxes that are very vibrant and dimensional using the 60 degree diamonds and color to get the desired effect. I mentioned your site in the statement, because you have been instrumental in my progress over the years through the internet classes. I could probably do a trunk show with items and techniques made and learned in my pj's over the internet." - Barbara

I like that title Barbara "Techniques made and learned in my PJ's".

Here is one of the pieces Barbara completed in my Getting Started with Quilt Art class - Windmills: "Let the Wind Blow".

Let the Wind Blow

Barbara also shared her Artist's Statement with me which includes her journey from age 10 until retirement, when she took her first basic quilting class and discovered a whole new world of color. Since that time she has taken many classes from local teachers as well as national and internationally known instructors, many online over the internet through Quilt University and now Academy of Quilting. The end of her statement is great...

"I need to thank my Mother for saying, ”It’s just geometry,” and my middle school students for teaching me how much fun it is to color outside the lines and break a few rules! This is new territory for me, but part of the journey."

... And now to share a couple of photos inside the exhibition at the Red Brick Gallery.

Gallery viewing

"Getting Started with Quilt Art" begins again this weekend. The class gives you starting points, taking you from traditional quilting into art quilting. I include many different areas, some you can try and others you may not, starting from finding inspiration and color coordinating, to straight piecing landscapes, applique and progressing to more advanced work of shading, shadows and threadwork. We make a series of small projects. Discover new techniques and styles opening your door to progress in the areas you want to pursue. Maybe you'll be entering your first exhibition soon too! Read more about this class here >>

quilting classes available at the Academy of Quilting

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