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Last year about the middle of May I received an email from Rosalie Hixson. She had purchased my quilt pattern "Simply Sunflowers" as a kit from the Keepsake Quilting Catalog and was working on it, ready to being the blanket stitching but had a question.

"Do I blanket stitch around every petal and leaf edge?"

I promptly replied with "You need to blanket stitch around any raw edge. If a petal goes underneath another so that part of the raw edge is covered, that section does not need to be blanket stitched, only the part of the petal where the raw edge is visible. Does that make sense to you?"

"Thank you, yes that makes perfect sense" she responded, then also asked: "I would also like to increase the size of the quilt using more border material. Can you suggest a line of fabrics that would coordinate?"

This question was a little more difficult to answer because at the time I did not know she was using a purchased kit so my best suggestion was to match up the colors of the fabrics already used rather than trying to find a specific line to match.

A few weeks ago, Rosalie emailed me again, this time with a photo of her finished quilt. The quilt was given to her niece as a wedding gift - what a beautiful gift indeed.

Simply Sunflowers by Rosalie

Closer view

Thanks for sharing your work with me Rosalie and also sharing it with my readers. You did a great job! It's always fabulous to know someone else is enjoying my design - two people in this case, Rosalie in the making of it and her niece receiving it as a wedding gift.

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  • What a wonderful gift to receive.

    Posted by Jen, 02/01/2013 10:31pm (8 years ago)

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