Still Life in Textile

Posted by Ruth on 13 July 2014 | 0 Comments


Have you ever thought to make a still life in textile? I have a lot of fun turning fabric into quilt art so I made a quilting class to teach others and they come up with some amazing results. In the last session, Janet made this beautiful piece using a coffee cup and some fruit.

Isn't Janet's still life just wonderful? Those grapes you could almost pick up and eat!

Vases also make great still life composition for our quilts and easier than using fruit so that is what my class is based on. However, you can also use your own photos as Janet did and I have templates for fruit included too. I help you with photographing tips on getting the right shading to work with if you want to use your own still life photo or you can practice with my templates. Join me if you want to make one of these wonderful quilt art projects. 

A new session begins this weekend, but registration is still open and it's not too late to join. Here is the link for more information about the class.

Still Life in Textile

See you in class!

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