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Another class I am currently running at Quilt University is "Tote That Mat". It is a class based on my all time favorite pattern "Carry All Board Bag". The names probably give a good indication of what this pattern/class is all about. Yes you guessed it. It is a tote to carry your cutting board and quilting equipment. The good thing about it is that the standard 18" x 24" mat and 6" x 24" long ruler both fit this tote and it is still managable to carry. If you have an 8" x 24" long ruler, the ruler pocket can easily be adjusted to suit.

I have made two of these totes which I use to cart all my equipment to class. It is great to have everything in one place.

One of the things I love about teaching online is that I get the opportunity to meet other quilters from all over the world. I also love sharing my student's work on my blog so today I want to share Susanne's tote (she lives in Italy) which she made in this session of the class. She used the following fabrics. I think those mushrooms are the cutest!

Susanne's fabrics

The front of the tote has a specially large pocket to fit a large square.

Susanne's tote (front)

All the other pockets are on the inside. Mat pocket (right), ruler pocket (center) and small accessory pocket (left). The small accessory pocket has divisions which you cannot see in the photo. 

Inside Susanne's tote. The mushroom fabric really looks great in here don't you think?

The class includes additional pockets added to the sides of the Amsterdam Star block which makes up the mat pocket. These are great for scissors and other shorter rulers or anything that is too long for the small pockets. There are two on each side of the star.

Great job Susanne, I hope you get lots of use and enjoyment out of this tote.

Happy Quilting!

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