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The other day I was playing around with embellishments and remembered way back when I made fabric beads last. I remembered it being a whole lot of fun so decided to make some more. They are so easy to make.

I cut strips of fabric. The longer the strip, the fatter the bead. The wider the strip the longer the bead. I cut out a couple to show you the difference. You can see one strip is short and wide (approximately 1 1/2" wide by 4" long) and the other is long and narrow (approximately 1" wide by 10" long).

cut strips and taper them

You can also see that I have tapered the ends. Leave the first half inch straight and then start tapering it off to a point, or almost a point.

Lay the strips out on something to protect your board. I used a piece of cooking paper or parchment paper, and then coat it with glue. It can be a little messy. I used a fabric glue and a popsicle stick to spread it. You can also use double sided tape if you have it on hand. I didn't today so went with the glue.

apply glue

Next I took a regular straw and placed it at the wide end of the strip. Press it into the glue and pull the glue right back to the start of the strip.

position a straw at wide end

Then roll the straw over half a turn. Make sure the start of the strip is glued to the straw.

check fabric has adhered to straw

Now roll it up. Use your finger to keep the roll tight as you turn the straw.

roll it up

Make sure the end is glued well in place.

rolled in place

Using an old rotary cutter blade, cut the straw off close to the fabric. Yes the straw stays inside to give some support to the bead.

rotary cut using an old blade

Now that was easy right? 

straw trimmed off

Here are my two beads. The long skinny strip formed the bead on the left. The short wider strip formed the bead on the right.

my two fabric beads

I made a few more too.

more beads

I think I might make some more of these. It was fun, a little messy but the fairy frost fabric made real cute beads. I wonder what fabric I should try next.

I'm just thinking that this would be fun to do with kids. They could make their own beaded necklace.

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