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Posted by Ruth on 9 November 2013 | 1 Comments
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To finish off my October challenge piece, I made some hanging straps (for a lack of a better name) to hang my four blocks. I had several quilters ask me how to make these so I decided to write a post so everyone could have the instructions. You can see them here in my "Changing Seasons" quilt blocks below.

Changing Seasons

First I started by cutting two strips of fabric 1 3/4" wide. The length depends on the block size but I found for my 7" blocks, a full width of fabric was plenty. If my blocks were bigger, I might need to cut lengthwise strips or join them. I used a white fabric just so you could see it more clearly than black.

To make the straps I pressed one long side over 1/4".

Then I pressed the other long side over to meet the raw edge of the opposite side.

Next I folded the first side over again, this time covering the raw edge of the second side. The folded edge should be about midway.

Now I edge stitched the fold in place.

This completes the strap. I need two of these.

I put the strap ends into the binding so therefore the binding should not be stitched in place at this time. The first side can be stitched in place however. I measured 1 1/4" in from the side of the top block and positioned the strap at this point. The wrong side of the strap should be against the back of the block.

Stitch the strap in place, stitching within the seam allowance. I went over the stitching a couple of times to make it really secure. 

Repeat for the strap on the other side, making sure it is 1 1/4" in from the side. 

Now hand stitch the binding in place. (or pin it and hand stitch later. It is actually easier to do it now)

To make the hanging tabs, fold the strap up so it extends beyond the top of the block 1 1/4", then fold it back down over top of itself.

The strap will now extend down the back of the block to the bottom and should be pinned 1 1/4" in from the side on the binding. Measure 1 1/4" along the strap from the bottom of the top block. At this point you should add your next block. All the measurements are consistant.

Add all the blocks in the same way. When you add the last block, the ends of the strap will need to be trimmed off and popped into the binding as was done at the top.

That's all there is to it. If you are doing this for larger blocks you will want to make the measurement from sides and between blocks a little larger. You may wish to make the straps a little wider too. Or if the blocks are wide, you might want to add three straps instead of two. 

I hope you'll find this short tutorial useful. Maybe you'll send me a photo of your finished blocks hanging like this. Happy Quilting!

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  • I've been working on squares for a fairy tale quilt
    This is a excellent way to put them together
    Thanks so much for your post

    Posted by Linda Campbell, 06/01/2014 7:15pm (9 years ago)

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