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So I know you are wondering where today's block design is. I did have it planned but unfortunately my iron died :( and you know you just cannot make a block without an iron, so instead I made a tutorial on how to take your block image and scale and crop it. You'll need to know this for uploading your own pictures into the Academy of Quilting.

I use GIMP a lot as my photo editor. Several reasons. It is open source so free to download and it is a very sophiscated program. I don't use half the tools they have but if I need to know how to do something, it is so easy to just google it - there is a tutorial for everything so this is most helpful.

Today however, I wanted to show you how to easily prepare an image to upload into the Academy of Quilting classroom. I used a program called Snagit from TechSmith to make this tutorial. It's really good and fun and easy to use. Once I made the tutorial, I uploaded it to my youtube channel and then published in my free lessons at the Academy of Quilting.

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