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I want to share with you 12 top quilting tips to help you in your quilting projects. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter for even more tips and great deals. Newsletter here >>


Twelve Top Quilting Tips

  • When cutting out your pattern - cut larger sections first: if a mistake is made, sometimes a smaller section can salvage at least some the fabric. You can also use the ends of a large strip to cut smaller sections.
  • Press your fabrics well before cutting.
  • 1/4" seams should be checked from time to time. We have an easy free lesson on how to check >>
  • For sewing 1/4" finished strips, sew second seam from last stitching rather than from raw edge.
  • Use a 1/4" foot for stitching but check by measuring the block on the FRONT side rather than measuring the seam allowance.
  • Use Neutral colored thread for piecing, it is less likely to be seen.
  • When working with bias seams, when possible sew with bias seam underneath.
  • When sewing the seam, don't look at the needle, look at where you should be aligning the fabric eg side of foot.
  • Pin perpendicular to seams, not along them.
  • Be careful not to veer off at the end of your seam, this happens easily especially with larger sections.
  • Always cut borders to length before attaching them.
  • When working with triangles, place the section with the crossing seams on top so you can sew right through the connection where they meet to make perfect points.
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