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Here is a quick way to make almost anything quilted from placemats to quilts or purses to jackets. The great thing about this technique "Stitch 'n' flip" is you have no quilting to worry about at the end and you can use any scraps of fabric you have on hand. I prefer fabrics that go together, (but you can use any at all) my preference being a two color combination. To read more about colors, check out this blog post by Jen: Complimentary Colors

Start with a piece of batting a little larger than whatever you want to make. It may be a block size for a quilt, or the whole side of a tote. I make mine 1/2 - 1" larger than I need. You can always trim back later. You will also need a backing fabric the same size and a number of strips in the colors of your choice. Strips can be any size you like. I chose to cut 1 1/2" strips, but just use what you have on hand. PS if your strips aren't long enough, join them together to make the length, it really doesn't matter.

strips, batting and backing

Mark the center line of the batting. I prefer to start adding the strips to the center as it keeps the block more uniform in shape. Sometimes if you start at one end and work to the other, the block will twist out of shape.

Place backing fabric underneath batting (wrong side to batting) and your first strip centered over the center line of the batting. The strip should be right side up.

center 1st strip over center line on batting

Place your second strip on top of the first, right sides together and left edges even. Note: it doesn't matter if your strips are a little longer than needed, we'll trim those later.

align left edges of first two strips

With your walking foot attached, stitch the first two strips together through all layers down the left hand side making a 1/4" seam.

sew first seam

Now flip that top strip over with the tip of the iron.


Press it fully in place.

pressed in place

Now add the third strip in the same way, aligning it with the left side - right sides together. Stitch and flip.

align third strip

Complete all strips in the same way. Here I have it half completed. Now I can turn it around and complete the second half.

half completed

The whole piece can now be trimmed if you wish or use it to cut out the required parts of what you are making.


Here's what the back looks like - all nicely quilted.

quilted back

Can you guess what I'm going to use this for? 


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