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Did you see the May/June 2018 Machine Quilting Unlimited magazine?

machine quilting unlimited magazine

Click the image to purchases a copy

Marilyn Belford and her quilts are featured artist in the magazine this time around with her quilt "Hippolyte Hunting" is featured on the cover so if you'd love to see some of her quilts in print and read the article be sure to pick up your copy and check it out. You can purchase it directly from Machine Quilting Unlimited

hippolyte hunting full 0031

Hippolyte Hunting

Marilyn teaches four workshops at academyofquilting.com, so if you are wondering what they are, here is a list for you.... (click any of the images to find out more)

Art For Quilters calendar image

Art For Quilters
On-demand Workshop - Start Any Time!
Learn basic art principles you can apply to fabric compositions

Montage Quilting calendar image
Montage Quilting
Scheduled Workshop - See Websites for next date
Includes 36 learning videos
Create your own composition using various pictorial elements from various sources such as different photographs or fragments of printing

Realistic Fabric Portraits calendar image
Realistic Fabric Portraits
Scheduled Workshop - See Websites for next date
Includes 28 learning videos
Step-by-step guide through the techniques that enable you to produce realistic fabric portraits

UFO Roundtable With Marilyn Belford calendar image
UFO Roundtable With Marilyn Belford
On-demand Workshop - Start Any Time!
Get help with your unfinished project


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quilting classes available at the Academy of Quilting

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