How Would You Dress Up a Drab Quilt?

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Have you ever made a quilt that you wish had just that bit more... it isn't doing it for you or you feel something is missing? I think every quilter has at least one quilt like that. So what do you do about it? Here's an idea that might shock you. How about adding a Ghost Image? No not an image of a ghost, but rather an impression of some object.

Daphne has done just that with this piece... can you see her leaf that she added over the top of her finished quilt?

Tuesday Jan31 Yin Yang leaf

But how did she do it? You might think she used a sheer fabric... but no, she used a freezer paper template and Paintstiks.

I hear there is quite an art to using Paintstiks and I know Daphne has some clever tricks and tips on how to use them properly to get the most benefit from them.... and making Ghost Images is only the start. You can do a whole lot more with Paintstiks. Here's some work from Daphne's students who have attended her online workshop Fun With Paintstiks. You can see how much fun they had creating new fabrics and pictures

Students from Fun with Paintstiks

Want to find out more about this fabulous online workshop?

Be sure to follow this link: Fun With Paintstiks


About Fun With Paintstiks: Daphne Greig will show you how to use Shiva Paintstiks to add color, pattern and texture to your fabrics. You will learn several ways to apply the paint, how to put it just where you want it and how to blend paint to create a rainbow of rich colors. You will fill a sketchbook for future reference as part of each exercise. The final lesson includes using the paint to highlight and color quilted projects and appliqué designs. The illustration shows corrugated cardboard and a stamp used to create a layered design. All Levels. Enroll here >> 

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