Many People Don't Understand Abstract Art, do you?

Posted by Elizabeth Barton on 2 January 2018 | 0 Comments
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So many people have told me that they don't understand abstract art.More abstract art onthelatch

And of course, it's very hard to make an abstract design without having some idea of the process. it processes?

There are a LOT of different kinds of abstract art. Some are very approachable, others look like chaos! Some are minimal and very modern, others are exciting and dynamic. There is a kind of abstract art to suit everyone - even those who say they hate abstract art!!

And no, there's no way your 5-year-old could make this kind of art...not and make it well.

In "More Abstract Art for Quiltmakers" (my online workshop), we explore the history - did you know the first abstract artist was a woman?? Oh yes, many men have claimed that title...but they were wrong!

The idea of abstracting means different things to different people and artists have exploited and explored many different avenues. You probably won’t like them all! I don’t either…but it’s useful to have a broad idea of the field as a whole.

In the first lesson, we’ll look at the history of abstract art beginning in Europe – as a particular kind of painting, it’s relatively young, only a little over a hundred years. Each subsequent week, I focus on a different area: Abstract art in New York City, the benefits and meaning of abstract work, the abstract art form we know as music, and the abstract art of the 21st century.

Most importantly, in each of the lessons, I describe several ways to create your own abstract can create as many designs as you wish and I'll help you decide which are the Strong ones...then you can choose any (or all!) from which to make a quilt.

.....Elizabeth Barton

The above photo is "On The Latch", made by Elizabeth. Below are a few photos of her student's creations inspired by this online workshop.

Gabi 2017 abstract art

made by Gabi

Geraldine WarnerDandelion abstract art

made by Geraldine

gurli gregersen abstract quilt

made by Gurli

More information about More Abstract Art for Quiltmakers: Intrigued by abstract art? But don’t know where to begin even thinking about it? How and why abstract art, in all its varieties, was developed is fascinating. And there are so many wonderful quilt designs ideas within the abstract art field! Let’s dig in and see what we can glean. Read more...

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