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When I was a very young child (6-7) my Grandma who was born in 1910 took me up very narrow stairs to a little loft that was part of her very small little house. The loft was closed off in the winter (reminds me of my Billy Creek house) because it just was so cold up there that any water in a bucket would freeze.

I was wide-eyed with wonder as she took me over to a big old luggage chest with intricate metal hinges and a lock. She slowly opened the chest up and inside was the most amazing array of beautiful fabric scraps that I had ever seen or even imagined that could possibly exist. We rummaged around in this chest and I was ooing and awing over all the incredible little scraps of fabric.

Marilyn Lee scrap fabric2018At that age, I was just learning what could be made with such a wonderful collection of tiny little scraps. It was cold up in the loft but I didn't notice it... I was so mesmerized by such a beautiful display that I did not even notice the freezing cold. We closed the lid and descended down the narrow stairs into the warmth of her wood stove. I went home and dreamed of all of those wonderful scraps of fabric for many, many nights.

Christmas was only a few weeks away and the excitement was high on Christmas morning. Under the tree, hanging with old-fashioned ornaments and tinsel was a gift from my Grandma and as I opened it I could not believe my eyes and my heart raced. Wrapped in colorful Christmas paper was a "Wonder bread sack" just packed and stuffed full of all of those colorful, beautiful scraps from her chest in her loft!! I was in heaven and it is the one Christmas present that I have always remembered...... and a start to my love of fabric.

Since that day I have always loved fabric scraps and have never, ever been able to throw them away! Such beautiful things were, and could be made with them! That gift was one of my most treasured possessions!! I have a local fabric shop that saves all of their scraps for me and it is so exciting, to me, even today, to look at them and sort them out..... and dream..... dream of the wonderful creations that could be made..... with just the scraps..... just scraps...... oh but what a treasure!!


Marilyn now makes the most beautiful quilts as you can see by the photos... what's more, she teaches her techniques online. If you would like to find out more about her Scrap Fabric workshop, be sure to follow this link: Bits & Pieces - Scrap Fabric Landscapes

Marilyn Lee scrap fabric scene

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