Tips for creating perspective in quilting

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Creating perspective on a flat surface (like a quilt) is a challenge for most people. There are various ways to show perspective, color, value, size, vanishing lines and other aspects.

Eye level will affect how well perspective does or does not work in an art quilt. Raising and lowering a cup while keeping it level will illustrate how a circle changes as it is viewed from various heights. One thing that you may notice is that as the circle changes it never becomes pointed.

persective cups

Try it yourself!

Atmosphere affects our perception of distance and careful use of color can enhance the sense of distance in your work. Using this photo as an example you can see that not only is it taken from a high point with shapes diminishing in size in the distance, but also the colors become grayer in the distance creating atmospheric perspective.

high view with atmosphere

Anita's online workshop covers all this and more! There is plenty to learn so that you can create your own perspective quilt. She also includes some history of perspective and how it was perceived in the past with lots of links for those who want to pursue more history.

There are projects to follow step-by-step, and videos demonstrating various techniques. For instance, Anita will demonstrate a way to create this tile floor without sewing.

black and red floor small

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