Understanding Various Aspects in Perspective

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Various aspects of perspective can be used in art quilts. Understanding them can add depth and dimension to your quilts whether they are abstract or realistic. Knowledge of perspective can allow a designer to bend it to her will creating new ways of looking at ordinary objects or increasing a sense of realism in a landscape or an architectural scene.

Depth can be suggested in a number of ways. For instance, overlapping objects create a sense of depth. Another way to create depth can be achieved through the use of color and tone.

Scale and texture can be used to show depth and distance. Testing various fabrics like the grouping shown here will you plan the fabrics to use to create a sense of depth.

scale and texture in perspective quilting

scale within the fabric design

These are some of the things that Anita Eaton has addressed in her Perspective class. In addition, she has many links to the history of perspective for those who wish to explore the study in greater detail. If you would like to find out more about Anita's Perspective in Quilting online workshop, be sure to click through to this Academyofquilting.com page: Perspective in Quilting

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