Whole Cloth Modern Quilt

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Have you ever thought of making a modern quilt like this?

Shapes by Lee Vause5


What's the technique? Zentangle is the answer and Lee Vause, a certified teacher in Zentangle teaches you how to not only draw the designs but also free-motion them onto your quilt.

In no time at all, you could be creating a quilt as detailed as the one above or as fun as the one below.

zentangle tortoise300

Zentangle Tortoise

If you are seeking to learn about Zentangle and how it can be applied to Free Motion Quilting then join Lee in her A Zentangle Journey online workshop. There are two parts to this workshop so be sure to start with part one, it has over 20 learning videos to get you underway and Lee is always available to answer your questions in the forum and give you additional tips and tricks along the way.

Find out more here: A Zentangle Journey Part 1

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